Crossfit - Hustle - Podcast - E.05 - Flex Mafia Founder Kelsey Thrasher

Kelsey Thrasher’s hustle blends the world of crossfit and business. She’s founded and runs a the highly successful clothing line, Flex Mafia, and often competes at many competitions throughout the region. She’s overcome a lot to be where she’s at and she’s here to share her struggles and triumphs with you all today in the latest episode of the Crossfit Hustle Podcast featuring @Danny Higdon leading the conversation. Thanks to our Sponsors! If you like what you hear, please support this podcast by giving them some love! Finsync: helps businesses succeed by offering all in one financial platform that improves cash flow. Finsync Flex Mafia: Where streetwear meets gym wear and where family is kingpen Flex Mafia Southern Apparel: Your Crossfit Gyms Easy Button For Premium Custom Tshirts and Merch