Live! Event Printing


Give Event-Goers An Unforgettable Personalized Experience To Remember

If you’re looking for a new way to engage spectators and athletes and make or raise some money at your event or party, Live Printing is where it’s at! We bring our presses and equipment to you, people pick a garment, pick a design, and they watch their new custom shirt being printed! Everyone walks away with swag to show off from your event!

How Live Printing Works

A few weeks before the event, we'll collaborate to come up with the perfect set of graphics for your event. When event time comes, guests choose any combination of the designs to create a custom item on the spot. Each item is completed in 1-3 minutes, depending on how many designs the customer would like. We can print 50 shirts an hr. We also print on other items such as bags, socks, etc. Every package is custom-tailored specifically for your event.