Why Gyms Switch TO UNITEE?

Here's the thing…Boutique community based fitness businesses including: Crossfit, cycle studios, yoga studios, ladies groups, MMA schools, lifting clubs and many other types of small business gyms… To some traditional screen printers…you’re the middle child.

You are a tweener

That’s no fault to traditional screen printers but most screen printers aren’t built to meet your direct needs. The average local screen printer is made to manufacture higher volumes for corporate clients and schools. They’re probably great at that too. As a fitness business you are neither of those things.


The complaints we hear the most are:

  1. I need design and branding help but have a modest budget. I can’t afford a designer AND a printer at the same time.
  2. The minimums kill us. What if I just need a few shirts for my coaches. Or what if I want to send a special shirt as a gift to a friend? I need flexible terms. Some of my orders will be large, some will be small
  3. We need practical easy tools like a web store selling both online and maybe a realistic solution at the front of my gym for droppins and new members. The on demand company we used is digitally collecting dust as hardly anyone is using it
  4. I’d do more T-shirts and merch but it’s a pain in the butt to manage
  5. And probably the biggest culprit is…I have to wait WAY too long by the time they deliver my order, I would’ve forgotten we even ordered shirts had I not had to deal with all my anxious members complaining about where are my shirts?


Here’s your solution, partner with a specialist that is going to mutually benefit working with your gym….Look I'm all for local first, but don’t partner with the guy down the street just because they’re down the street and expect great long-term results.

Hiring the guy or gal even if he’s a member of your gym who screen prints out of his garage if he’s not qualified probably will likely get you into trouble Is he/she suggesting then equipping you with the latest trends and styles… didn’t think so…Partner with a team that real has skin  in the game  over the success and failure of the crossfit and boutique fitness industries, understands your unique challenges, and will create you a custom ongoing t-shirt and merch program regardless of your size.


We’re not the only specialist out there but if  you ever need help hit us up. Doesn’t matter if you’re looking to switch to a new vendor or not, we’re always avail to talk shop and help out in any way we can. We owe it to the industry and your success because we wouldn’t be in the position without you all!   

Thanks for reading
Tanya and Joel