What are you wearing to the gym?

Hey guys; happy Tuesday!  So, today I wanted to discuss the importance of choosing the BEST fabrics for your workout clothes.  Sounds unimportant?  Yeah, I used to think so, too.  When I first started working out, the most important thing to me was making sure I got my ass to the gym and got the best workout in that I possibly could.  I was not a tad bit concerned about what I looked like to go to the gym or what I was wearing, just like many others who are new to fitness.  Sometimes, I would roll out of bed, put my hair up, and walk out of the door in the clothes I wore to go to sleep (shorts and a big oversized t-shirt).  I did this for a while until I realized how different clothes and fabrics actually affected my workout and the way I felt during and after.  So…let me break this down for you…

  1. 100% cotton: Those big oversized cotton t-shirts we all have in our closets, STOP wearing them to workout.  Sure…they are soft and inexpensive, but they sop up moisture like a damn sponge, making the shirt heavy and super uncomfortable for intense workouts.  Let’s face it, who wants to add on extra weight when trying to do pullups?  100% cotton garments are great for sitting on the couch and being lazy, but NOT for heading to the gym.
  2. Polyester: 100% polyester…we all know this as the workhorse of the workout fabrics.  Don’t get me wrong, I like my polyester because it is lightweight and breathable.  However, the main drawback we find with this fabric is the STANK factor.  Synthetic material can foster bacteria growth, and it does not dry quickly.  Unless you want the entire gym to smell your workout aftermath, I would not suggest the 100% polyester option for intense workouts.  Sticking to this fabric for outerwear is a better option than your everyday gym attire.
  3. Blends: My favorite…the poly/cotton blend and tri blend fabrics.  Poly blend tees are made of cotton and polyester and tri blends are a combination of cotton, polyester, and rayon.  They have a little bit of everything we need.  The cotton makes the garment soft, the polyester gives it strength and flexibility, and the rayon contributes to the softness and gives it a cool, refreshing feel.  T-shirts made of either of these fabric combinations are perfect for CrossFit workouts.  The fit is not too tight, so you do not feel a restricted range of motion, and it is not too baggy.  The fabric conforms to the body’s natural shape, making it optimal for fitness attire.   

CrossFit is not just about being the strongest or fastest, but it is also about having the ideal form.  Just like professional swimmers need the perfect swimwear to perform their best, crossfitters need the best fitting clothes to support and improve better performance.  Clothing can easily cause resistance during a workout, so choosing the right garments can be a great help!


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