Screen Printing

Screen printing is a tried and true method for customizing quality merchandise that will sell. Our goal for everything we print is to create high quality tshirts and merch. that people will wear not once but many many times. If you have any questions don't worry we can guide you to choosing the perfect finish for your order. Screen printing types include:

Plastisol // Vibrant Colors on Many Different Types of Garments
This is the most versatile way to ink your shirts. Plastisols are great for achieving rich, opaque graphics on dark fabrics. On lighter and dark fabric, Plastisol is extremely opaque and will result in a bright, vibrant color. If you have an exact color you need, Plastisol is the easiest ink to make an exact match. Most of our clients go with this option. 

Plastisol // Vintage Style Prints
Want your shirts graphics  to look and feel like an old concert tee or vintage beer label. Our proprietary formula is a cost-effective way to get this badass look. This inking is great for light or dark triblend garments.

Discharge // Retail Fashion Style Prints on Dark Garments
Discharge gives you a supersoft waterbase feel on a dark garment. It involves the chemical process of pulling the dye out of a shirt and replacing it with another color. Discharge graphics are about as soft to the touch as possible. Discharge is limited to mostly cotton garments, but the results are mind-blowing

Waterbase // Eco-Friendly, Retail Fashion Style Prints on Light Garments
Water-based inks are a more fashion and environmentally friendly ink. Think of a garment you’d buy from a major retail brand or in a high-end boutique. Another advantage to waterbase is that it’s incredibly soft. Waterbase works well on light colored garments.  

Special Effects // Want to get a little Crazy and Weird?
From a glitter effect, to making the ink “puff” to glow in the dark, we offer a range of special effect inks for your next order.