UNITEE Campus Rep Internship Program: A Tremendous Paying Opportunity For Sharp Students Looking To Gain Real World Sales+ Marketing Experience In An Exciting Industry


Here at UNITEE, we take personal development very seriously as we see it as our responsibility and mission to help our clients, team members and interns unlock their potential through learning, action and discipline. One of our main initiatives is UNITEE's campus rep program. This is an accelerated internship program that connects select students from across the country in a virtual classroom and physically out in their campus and community. Chosen students will be provided real world sales and marketing experience, mentorship / career guidance, and have the opportunity to be paid. Students will attend a live, weekly interactive virtual class for 9 weeks in which students will learn the foundational building blocks of creating and executing a career marketing plan. The aim is to help them better market themselves for the job pool. Specifically, each week will have a different module that will cover key topics including marketing, branding, negotiating that aims to help prepare students for their first job.  Office hours for 1 on 1 mentorship and career guidance will also be available once a week as well. 

Key Skills Covered In This Program:
• Leadership 
• Marketing, Personal Branding & Sales
• Personal Development

Students That Complete The Program Will Walk Away With The Following:
• Personal Marketing Career Plan OR New Business Marketing Idea Plan (depending on your objectives)
• Letter of Recommendation & Reference Info. From UNITEE
• Compensation For Every Lead Appointment Booked
• Top performers in the program will be considered for staff positions as the need arises.

In exchange for the mentorship and career guidance program:
Students will be encouraged but not required to provide leads for UNITEE. The leads help us pay the bills for this program. This can include campus organizations they belong to, or local businesses they are connected to. THIS IS NOT A COLD SALES SITUATION. We don’t expect them to knock on doors and cold call. By contrast, we’re teaching the students smartly and strategically leverage their existing networks in order to bring mutual value to a situation. At the end of the day, this is how the world truly works. Provide a win-win to all parties and great things happen individually and collectively!

While Almost Any Major Can Benefit From This Program, The Following Majors Will Be The Most Strongly Considered and Will Likely Gain The Most From This Program:

1. Exercise Science or Kinesiology
Why Apply? You are passionate about fitness and health and want to gain experience within the fitness space as you transition from student to professional. 

2. Business / Marketing or Sales
Why Apply? You want to become a marketing practitioner and are interested in learning more about the tactics being used in the field today

3. Business / Entrepreneur
Why Apply? You want to experience an exciting startup-minded, creatively driven organization. You want to be a part of something different.

Program Requirements:

  • Jr, Seniors, or Recent Graduates Welcome To Apply
  • Must have a 3.0 GPA
  • We Will Work Directly With Students Looking To Gain School Credit and Help Them Comply With The Specific Requirements

What will Separate Candidates From The Many Other Resumes and Candidates!

  • Leadership Training Or Experience
  • Proof of an exceptional work ethic
  • Organized
  • Ambitious!
  • A Student that sees the value in joining a winning team, and really needs an opportunity, Let us know specifically why you should be one of our chosen reps!…Sell us with your cover letter.

A Message To University Faculty:

My name is Joel Hebert, I am the owner of UNITEE, a fitness merchandising company.  One of my favorite parts of entrepreneurship is being able to mentor and teach others. This is probably why I've always steered towards an education-first approach in all organizations I've been directly involved in.
I’ve been fortunate enough to run successful internship programs at past startups as well as personally guided many young professionals over the past few years. This particular program combines many of the lessons I've learned from formal education and training, experience as a practitioner, and teachings from my mentors. This program was once limited by geography, but by recruiting bright students from across the country allows for an accelerated learning situation for all.

 Rest assured, your students are getting guidance and you are gaining a highly qualified adjunct partner in UNITEE. My specific aim for this program is to help students gain a huge foot forward in their career all while economically incentivizing them for putting in the work. In turn they’ll hopefully help us grow our little dream and help a lot of people including them along the way. As stated earlier, top performers will be considered for staff positions as the need arises. Thanks again for considering us!

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